Thursday, August 5, 2010

Third batch...and turkeys too!

Just a review: We are raising 6 different breeds of chickens this year: Cornish Cross, White Plymouth Rock, Delaware, Turken, Red Ranger, and Barred Plymouth Rock. This is our first year raising free range chickens on pasture. We have sure learned a lot! We are raising 6 different breeds in order to see which ones we like best and which ones our customers like best.

We are processing our third batch of chickens this Tuesday, August 10th. We will be processing mostly Cornish Cross chickens, which are the chickens you've probably eaten before if you've ever eaten chicken. They are bred to grow fast and big. This will be our last batch of Cornish Cross chickens this year.

We may also be processing some White Plymouth Rock chickens in this batch. White Plymouth Rocks are a heritage breed. They will be smaller and may taste somewhat different.

Our next processing date is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31. We will be processing more White Plymouth Rocks and some Delawares. Again, these will be smaller and we're excited to see if they taste different.

We have Red Rangers and Turkens (aka naked necks) still to be processed at a later date. We'll let you know the specific date soon (a few picture of the Turkens below - I personally think they have the most beautiful colored feathers).

And...our turkeys are growing quite nicely. They obviously need more space than the chickens. See these great pictures! These birds will be processed in the beginning of October.

They can be eaten fresh in October, or frozen for Thanksgiving. Since we are processing outside, we're trying to avoid processing in the freezing cold weather. Having said that, we do have some younger turkeys which will be ready around Christmas time so we're not going to be able to avoid processing those in the cold! Thanks for your interest and support to our farm!!

Here are some reasons people are buying our chicken

And last but not least, we do have a life other than farming (but not much right now)!

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Shalise said...

Great to see pics from the VA trip. We are missing that free-range chicken we had a few months ago. We found a website that lists all the free-range farmers here in Ohio and are hoping to buy our own cow within the year!