Friday, August 31, 2012

Red Rangers coming soon!

One week from today we will have our first batch of red rangers.  We will also be offering different cuts of meat instead of whole chickens, as well as grass-fed, grass-finished beef.  Look for the email if you're on our list, or send us an email to get on our list. 

Red Rangers typically take about 4 weeks longer to mature than the Cornish Cross breed (the traditional fast growing breed raised in the US, probably the chicken you eat most of the time). Red Rangers have a bit more dark meat on them, and a unique flavor that we particularly like, as do our customers from last year. Try one out if you haven't yet! This picture is kind of fuzzy, but at least it shows what a Red Ranger is. Cornish Cross are all white just so you know the difference. Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chicken Licken'

This will be a short post, but we just want to send a shout out to all of you who read this blog (and those of you don't, but that's just kind of hard).  We'll be emailing out information for a new batch of fresh chicken available next week.  Pickup will be on Thursday, July 19 at our house.  We had to change from our usual Wednesday pickup because we have tickets to go see Wicked (yes, we do non-farming related things too, like witch related things).  Anyhow, we look forward to hearing from you & seeing you through this heat and into the cool, breezy fall.  This is our first batch of several coming through the season.  Cheers!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our favorite free-range chic ever!!

We thought it would be nice to include a few pictures of the farm.

We are just about sold out of our first batch of Cornish Cross chickens.  We are again raising Red Rangers (one of the favorites of our customers), and possibly even some Turkens (another favorite - these take longer to raise) out on pasture this year.  We also have eggs coming in on a somewhat regular basis and are hoping to get that more established for those of you who are interested in gettings eggs as well.  Nothing compares to pastured, free-range chicken eggs!

We are really enjoying the spring and summer, realizing just how much time and effort it took to raise chickens.  While we don't know the exact details of the future, we are excited to be part of the local food movement and continue our interactions with people like you.  Enjoy the pictures (these are all Cornish Cross chickens at the farm).