Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coming soon...from a farm near you!

Tuesday, August 31 is our next processing date. We will have White Plymouth Rocks and Delawares. These chickens are growing well and going through a ton of food each week. They clean out the pasture pretty quickly as is evidenced by the before and after photos below. They were just moved again to fresh green pasture on Monday and boy do they love it! These chickens are a different breed than the usual chicken that is raised and sold industrially in the U.S. With the recent industrial chicken & egg recalls due to disease, we are being reminded of the importance of our work on our little family farm. Our chickens are being raised in the most natural way possible. It's a lot of work but we are enjoying the process! These chickens will be $4.25 per pound and we will have them fresh ready for pickup on Tuesday evening 8/31/10 from 5:30-7:00 pm. Whatever is not sold fresh will be sold frozen. The fresh ones are AMAZING. They taste great frozen too, but there's just something about eating a fresh, home-grown chicken that's never been frozen. Enjoy!

The pasture they just cleared out

New pasture

These are the Red Rocks and the Turkens, in another part of the field...still growing and they were also just moved to new pasture so they are exploring the goods! They will be processed in September and October.

And last but not least, the turkeys. They come and greet us like this each morning!

The bigger turkeys will be processed in October to eat fresh or to freeze for Thanksgiving. There is a $20 turkey deposit to reserve a turkey. Email to reserve as they are going fast.

I LOVE these pictures below. Taking them was so fun! These Toms were so close to Saffron and I, it was almost like a turkey kiss.

That pretty much sums up the remainder of our year. December's Turkey processing will finish out our first year of raising poultry. We already have lots of ideas for next year, and want feedback on which breeds are best tasting. We're still working on a website with recipes, ability to order and pay online, and more concise, easy to find information. Thanks for sharing our adventure!

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Cristina said...

Hi! Your turkeys are a $20 deposit but how much total (I presume it'll be per pound)? And how big will they get? Thanks!