Friday, September 3, 2010

Recap of this week

We processed about 230 chickens on Tuesday and they are all sold, except a few we promised to the Bell Organic CSA pickup on Monday evening. Thank you all for supporting our farm! We are so excited with the responses we are getting. People are thanking us for our work, and really ecstatic to have a place to buy local chicken. We are hoping to sell eggs next year too as a lot of you have asked about that.

We just tried one of the chickens last night. It was delicious. It was quite a bit smaller than the Cornish Cross breed so I wasn't sure how long to cook it. That's something I'm still experimenting with, so please share your cooking methods and recipes!

If this is the first chicken you purchased from us, we tried to let everyone know that these two varieties (White Plymouth Rock and Delaware) are a smaller heritage breed, quite a big smaller than the first breed we raised (Cornish Cross). We are now finished raising the Cornish Cross, White Plymouth Rocks, and the Delawares. Our next batch (coming on Sept. 21) will be the Red Ranger breed, which we have heard is very tasty, and the bigger size that we are used to in the U.S. so we're excited to try it. The final batch (in October) will be a mix of Red Rangers, Turkens, and Black Rocks (two more of the smaller heritage breeds). That will finish out our season this year and we will have tried 6 varieties. We are hoping to get feedback from you, our customers, as to which breeds are the best. We want to narrow it down to 2-3 varieties for next year.

Just a quick note on the turkeys since many of you have questions. The turkeys will be processed in October and in December.

October: These turkeys will have to be frozen for Thanksgiving. They will be $4.95/lb. and we're estimating they will be ~15-20 pounds. If we waited until Thanksgiving to process, we might have 30 pound turkeys that wouldn't even fit in your oven! Anyhow, about half of the ~40 birds are reserved already. In order to reserve a turkey, we are taking $20 deposits that will go toward the total price. Send an email to reserve.

December: We only have about 10 of these turkeys, which are a heritage breed. They will be $5.95/lb. and will be 10-15 pounds. We have about 4 left.

Again, thanks for the support. We are so pleased with the support and the interest in eating local, pastured, free-range, happy, antibiotic-hormone free poultry!

If you're ever interested in visiting the farm, let us know!

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