Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Very Busy Spring & Summer

We and the Batty's (Our Farming Partners) have both had a very busy spring and early summer.  This after a winter that brought many surprises and blessings for both us & them, We are all thankful to report good health at this time.  Health is one of those things you can take for granted until you no longer have it, isn't it? 

Our blog posts are spontaneous and sporadic...so if we haven't posted in awhile, do not give up hope.  Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to some of this years animals on the farm.  Thanks for your support and patience with everything we are trying to do with this small scale local farming venture.

Some pictures of the piggies in the pasture...doing what pigs do (nice alliteration - sponsored by the letter P)

Pork can be purchased in wholes, halves, or separate cuts

It's so beautiful to see animals out in the pasture with the mountains in the foreground!  

We, the McDowells, have not eaten chicken for quite some time now.  We sold out in the winter.  So we are excited along with the rest of you to have chicken again (that is, if we have enough to keep for ourselves).  These are our broilers (meat birds) out in the pasture.  See if you can find Waldo hiding in the grass too.

Broilers (meat birds) in the pasture.  It is quite entertaining to see a bird drink you know.  Water, that is.

And last but not least, the little lambs.  They are not so little anymore.  That grass looks so delicious even I want to take a little bite!  Lambs can also be purchased in wholes, halves, or pieces as available.  We have had awesome reviews about the lamb.  Try it out yourself & see!

Danny recently was sponsored by the local Slow Food Utah Chapter of Slow Food USA to go to the Slow Meat Conference in Denver.  He learned a lot and was able to meet people from across the country each involved in their own way of changing the way meat is produced in the US.  Look for a report on that in our next post.

A moment of respect for these animals lives.  Thank you for sustaining our bodies with life - so we can enjoy these two sweet girls!

Our favorite little baby!!
Our favorite 4 year old!!

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