Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Slow Meat!!

In June Danny was sponsored by Slow Food Utah to attend the National Slow Meat Conference put on by Slow Food USA.  He learned a lot, met many wonderful people and got to eat a lot of very good local meat (Almost too much at times!).  There are so many good people around our country involved in this movement to bring healthy, clean and fair food to their communities.  If you aren't a member of Slow Food Utah yet or your local Slow Food chapter we recommend joining.  They(we) are at the forefront of the local food movement.   

Danny with Allen Savory founder of the Savory Institute.  Allen kicked off the weekend as the Keynote Speaker.  
Francois sharpening his knife to "demonstrate how to respect the pig's natural anatomy through the time-honored tradition of charcuterie preparation."  Just one of many great workshops Danny attended.  
Unfortunately there was only time for him to cut a shoulder.   

Danny with Francois Vecchio and his artwork ready to be made into some yummy charcuterie (Salami's Sausages, etc).

Danny with Mary Berry, founder and Executive Director of The Berry Center and daughter of author Wendell Berry.  Mary wrapped up the weekend as our keynote speaker during our final session.  

Bison fabrication by members of The Butchers Guild.  The bison was raised on pasture by a local Bill Rogers, owner of Sweet Water Bison 
Danny thinks that he got to try some of this buffalo for one of their meals.  

The following is a summary of the purpose of the weekend and it pretty much summed up what happened.  It was such a great experience to be surrounded by so many like minded people from around our country all moving in a positive direction together.  

"100 delegates from across the USA will be asked to share expertise in facilitated discussions to ultimately produce a menu of practical actions for Slow Food communities across the USA to deploy, measure, report and refine with the larger national community of advocates who seek change in our food system.
We are assembling those who recognize the importance of animal welfare and those whose livelihoods are directly related to animal husbandry. Our intention in doing this is to cultivate the kind of discourse that gives proper dignity to the animals, as it does to the craftsmanship associated with their care and slaughter."

A few other articles about the weekend can be found here and here

Thank you for supporting us and our farmers here at McDowell Family Farms and joining us in the local food movement right here in Utah!!  

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