Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Lambs & Piglets are here!!!

Spring arrived early to Utah this year and we thought we would share some photos of the early arrivals at the farm.  These pictures were taken in January and February days after these lambs & piglets were born.   They have been enjoying an early Spring like the rest of us.  More little lambs piglets are on their way.  (More pictures to come) 

We have been getting some rave reviews on our tasty lamb from many of you.  Thank you!  And thank you for your orders!  

We sell individual cuts of lamb or you can order a half or whole lamb.  See our Pricing post for details on both.  Halves and wholes will be ready this summer.  

Aren't these little piglets so cute?  And yes we farrow our own pigs.  Not too many farms do that these days.  They are a combination of primarily heritage Berkshire with some heritage Yorkshire and Duroc as well.  
Like the lamb we sell individual cuts along with wholes and halves throughout the year.
We love Pork!!  And you will love our Pork too!!   

p.s  Whenever we post pictures we have to include the caveat that if you feel squeamish about seeing your future meal, pause for a moment.  Take time to realize where your food comes from, how it is raised, and send a thank you to the animals for being part of our circle of life.  You can be a conscious omnivore and respect the animals by choosing to buy local and humanely raised food.  Thanks for supporting our farming adventure!!  

And here is our newest little lamb now one year old.  She is ready to get to work herding these sheep from pasture to pasture.  

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