Friday, June 21, 2013


We have been on this farming adventure now for 3 years.  The first two years we did the work of both farming and selling.  Since we don't have land of our own, in 2012 we decided to partner with our friends, Dale & Lynda Batty in Vernal, who wanted to do the farming while we do the selling/distribution.   This partnership has been great for both of us.  We love being able to have access to and offer meat that is raised in a way that we feel is humane, healthy, and appropriate.  Here are some of the reasons people buy:

Local: Knowing who grows/raises your food is so important. Buying local keeps your dollars in your community. It saves money in the resources used to transport food across the country and world.

Antibiotic/hormone free: The animals are not given any antibiotics or growth hormones.  We are not certified organic, but like to say we are "beyond organic".

Happier animals: The animals are given large space on pasture to run around and do what animals do. They have access to food and water at all times (chickens can only get up to 20% of their nutrition from eating grass and bugs, pigs also require feed, but cows and sheep are purely grass fed and finished). The poultry shelters are moved daily to allow the birds fresh, clean pastured areas in which to run around.

Taste:  Have you ever tasted a chicken that was raised on pasture?  Have you ever eaten purely grass fed beef?  Local pork raised on a small farm, outside in the pasture?  Just try it and you will be hooked!  The health benefits are huge as well (see our list of recommended reading).

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Amy, a farmer's wife said...

I love what you guys do. Wish I lived close enough to benefit from it. Love ya!