Thursday, June 27, 2013


It's high time we posted some pictures.  As many of you know, we are now offer much more than pastured poultry (poultry raised on pasture for meat and eggs).  So, here are some photos of the animals 'home on the range.'

Actually, before you browse pictures, there is one thing to say.  Sometimes, it's hard to look at the pictures knowing this is something you will eventually eat.  Instead of feeling bad about that, we have learned to feel incredibly thankful to animals for providing us with food.  We try not to consume a lot of meat, and try to consume meat that has been raised in the healthiest, and most respectful way possible.  So keep that in mind as you look at these beautiful animals - and say a little thanks!

Chickens:  These are cornish cross chickens, raised for meat- they take about 8 weeks and are allowed to run around and free-range.  They usually wander a bit during the day, and then stick together like birds of a feather at night.   The shelter is moved daily so the chickens have a new clean salad bar pasture every day.  Our chicken is available every Wednesday at our house.

Egg laying hens:  These are the new pullets and will start laying soon!!  Are you ready to start eating pastured eggs?  

Turkeys:  These are the little turkey babies in the brooder.  If you look close, you can see the little bumps on the tops of their beaks.  These are out on pasture now.  Have you sent us $20 to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey?

Sheep:  Beautiful isn't it?  Many of you don't know that we now sell these lambs for meat and it is tasty.   Order a whole or half lamb from the farm.  Or we have individual cuts at our house on our weekly Wednesday pick ups. 

Cattle:  These grass fed and grass finished cows got through a fence and moved into the old farm house.  You can order them also in the whole or the half as well.  Individual cuts also available Wednesdays.  

Piggies:  And last but not least...the piggies.  This little piggy didn't like roast beef.

These little piggies are out on full pasture now and will be ready to harvest over the next few months.  Nothing is better than local, heritage breed pork that was raised on pasture.  Mmmmmmmmmmhh!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed!

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