Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Springing back to life!

We've pretty much vanished for the last year, but we're back...and we've added a new little chic to our family.  Samira McDowell was born on 2/7/2012 and we've been adjusting and enjoying her since then.  I (Shawnee) have difficult pregnancies so we needn't say much more than that about the past year.  However, we are all on the mend and excited to update you and continue in our farming and eating adventures!

We recently visited Rockhill Creamery and Appenzell Farm in Logan, Utah. It was great to make connections with these other farmers, especially Jesse Corbridge at Appenzell.  He and his wife also raise pastured poultry for folks in Cache Valley.  We talked processing (a whole book on it's own), egg mobiles, high tunnels, chickens, turkeys and many other small farm topics.  And of course we had some fun!

Here are the bullet points to remember for this year. 

* Our first chickens should be available in June.  We may have some ground beef and sausage then too, but will send an email out when it gets closer.

* This year we will have half and whole pork available as soon as July (through October).  We'll also have  quarter, half and whole beef.  Ordering and pricing information will be coming soon. 

* We will still offer individual cuts of pork and beef as they are available.  We typically send an email out whenever we have a fresh batch of chickens, and we'll also let you know in that email if any other cuts of meat are available to purchase at that time.

*We have a separate egg email that we send out weekly.  If you'd like to be on that list, send us an email and let us know.  Otherwise, you'll just be on our regular farm email list and will receive emails periodically throughout the year.

*We will start taking turkey orders in the next couple of months.  We'll have mostly broad breasted with a few heritage breed, so start thinking Thanksgiving, but enjoy the summer first - if it ever warms up :)

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Gage said...

Welcome back! I had no idea that you were even pregnant. Wow!! Congrats on the new baby. She is simply a doll.