Friday, November 5, 2010

Recap of the week


CHICKENS (we are so thankful the big snow storm didn't hit until Wednesday morning, the day AFTER the processing)

A quick recap of the last processing. We processed our last and largest batch of chickens on Oct. 26 2010. We've sold about 3/4 of them so we still have some in our freezer for sale. We're quite happy to be done with this year (mostly done, aside from 10 turkeys and a couple dozen laying hens). Thank you all for your interest and supporting our farm. We are happy to spend the winter preparing for next year! In case you're new to our blog, we have red rangers (a traditional chicken with lots of white breast meat & a mild flavor) and turkens (a heritage chicken with more dark meat and a richer flavor) for sale. They are $4.25/lb. which comes to about $15-20 per chicken depending on the size. We sell whole chickens only, and these chickens were raised free-ranging on pasture in Draper, Utah. Email us to order. The turkeys are all sold out, but we're going to have much more next year. Also, to get on our email list for next year, just send us an email. We'll be sending out a survey and an order form by email to get an idea of how many birds to raise next year. Thanks for a great year!!!

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