Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is near!

This winter passed quickly! The highlights and lowlights are: Danny had two surgeries right around Christmas, Saffron turned one, and Shawnee purchased a new bike to commute to work.

We went to Arizona to see family, and drove down to Mexico for New Years. We were stopped at the border because of a suspicious looking empty egg carton in our car - we won't do that again!

We just finished a much needed hybernation and are ready to kick off another year. If you are on our email list, you should have received a survey, as well as an email with information about turkey orders.

We get our first turkeys next week. They are quite a friendly bird, so we are looking forward to having these beautiful nob-nosed creatures around again.

Broad Breasted Turkey .
These turkeys are the traditional breed raised industrially, so we’re anticipating them to weight between 14 and 24 pounds. They are a cross breed of a European and a US bird and are generally produced through artificial insemination only. Last year our biggest was 28 pounds! These turkeys grow faster and bigger than the heritage breed, which is why we can offer them in August and/or October. This breed of turkey will be $4.95/lb. Fresh, moist and delicious – and why not have a turkey before Thanksgiving?

Heritage Turkey.
Heritage turkeys are a product of natural mating (not genetically modified or bred) and have a slow to moderate rate of growth. They take approx. 28 weeks to develop a strong skeletal structure and healthy organs prior to building muscle mass ( The Heritage turkey will be $5.95/lb. and will range from 8-18 pounds.

Please email us your order with your name, month of pickup, type of turkey, & number of birds. In order to complete your order, a $20 deposit is required through mail or in person. Thanks for supporting our farm, and stay tuned for chicken info.

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