Friday, October 1, 2010

Turkey for me...turkey for you

This Tuesday, Oct. 5 - we are processing our turkeys (most of them anyway, we have a few still growing until December). They are such beautiful birds and are not shy. Here is a great video, along with a few pictures. All these turkeys are pre-sold and we have a waiting list.

As far as chickens, we have one more processing date this year. We will be processing red rangers and turkens on Oct. 26 and we will begin taking orders soon. Thank you all for supporting our farming venture this year. We're already thinking of improvements for next year and will keep you all posted. We will also be sending out a survey soon to gather information about which breeds to raise next year, how many, etc. Here is a picture of the chickens.

And...since we moved and cannot have chickens at our new place, our egg laying hens went out to Draper as well. Lucky ducks (I mean chicks).

Okay, never mind - the video will have to come later since it's not working...sorry!

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