Friday, September 17, 2010

Red Rangers

With a successful 4th batch behind us, we are on to our 5th batch. We'll be processing the Red Rangers (see below) this Tuesday Sept. 21 at the farm. They will be bigger than the last group we processed and have more white breast meat (approx. 3.5-4.5 pounds). The Red Ranger has a similar build to the Cornish Cross, but they do appear much more active. Anyhow, we'll be taking orders by email.

Our last chicken processing will be in mid-October. We'll have more Red Rangers, a new breed called Turkens (naked necks) and some more heritage Plymouth Rocks and Barred Rocks. We'll also be processing most of the Turkeys then, and we'll finish the rest in December. We'll be using our winter break to review the past year and make improvements, decide which breeds to raise next year, and build up the energy to start again!

With the exception of a few (approximately 4 December birds and 1 October bird) turkeys, we are all sold out. If you're interested, email your order and we'll take it first come first serve. We're starting a waiting list in the event that someone does not fill their order (the first picture is a Heritage turkey which will be processed in December...the larger birds below are the broad breasted turkeys that will be processed in October...aren't they beautiful)?!

Thanks for supporting our farm! Danny, Shawnee & Saffron

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RoseAnna said...

I love that you're a farmer. That totally makes my day!! I also love that you know lace-dog! That is so funny...and it is a small world. Your little Saffron is so darling. Congrats! :)