Friday, June 25, 2010

One round done...lots more to go!

Lot's has happened since I last updated this blog. On June 15, we processed our first 40 chickens, and they were all sold by June 17. They went fast! We are now getting contacted by people we don't know, so our email list is quickly expanding. We have a licensed portable processor that was able to come right to the chickens so we didn't even have to transport them. I'll leave out the details of the processing, since it was kind of sad to me. One benefit of being involved in raising animals for meat is that we are really appreciating our food. We appreciate the animals that are raised for our consumption. We hope they live well and natural lives, and are thankful for the circle of life (Lion know the antelopes eat the grass, the lions eat the antelopes, the lions die and become part of the earth).

Here is a picture of Troy Bird, the processor. His name suits him quite well don't you think?

This is Danny selling the first chicken. Jay actually came out to the farm to purchase so his was literally farm to table. Afterwards, Jay said "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! I don't know if you've eaten one yet but it was excellent. I give it an A+. It tasted very fresh, clean and juicy. Way to go! Jay"

Many people feel it is so important to KNOW THEIR FARMER. Know how your food is being raised. So, here are some picture of your farmers!

And here is a before and after shot of our first pastured chicken dinner. And we were pleased to notice a big difference in the moistness of the meat. The taste is similar since it's the same breed of chicken most everyone eats. But, we are raising 4 different breeds, so we expect some exciting new tastes with those ones coming up.

Thanks for participating in our adventure!!

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