Friday, August 5, 2011

The EGG-mobile

After much ado, I am finally able to post a slideshow of the process of building the egg mobile. What a project! Enjoy...and stay tuned because we're hopefully planning a farm day for the last Saturday in August (27th) - a day to bring yourself and kids to see the farm.

About the egg-mobile: Danny was gifted a trailer from a friend – and used his creativity to dream up this egg-mobile. Shawnee’s dad is a builder and an artist, so he helped design the thing, and her brother helped on the labor too. Between the three of them, this is what they came up with. And I can tell you, the chickens LOOOOOVE it! It’s like the Marriott of chicken hotels. It’s a moveable structure that holds about 32 egg laying boxes lined with hay. The boxes can be closed at night so the chickens don’t sleep and poop in them. The sides open giving easy access to the eggs each morning. It has an Aluminum shingle roof, compliments of Alumilife and the Aluminum Shingle Company. Thanks to all who designed, built, and transported this beauty!(which included a flat tire that left the egg mobile on the side of the freeway overnight!!) We have so many pictures, (none of the flat tire experience though, they were too graphic for a family blog!! Or was that the audio that was too graphic?) enjoy the slideshow.

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