Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Working on the Farm! Summer 2016!

We are a little behind on all the posts we want to put on the blog.  As you can see below it has been a busy summer on the farm for the Batty's.  They are great stewards of the land and stewards of proper animal husbandry.  Enjoy!

Dale Teaching Lilli (granddaughter) what happens in the 4 stomachs of a cow.  (and why cows are not meant to eat grain)

Dale, Sasha, and family friends help move chicks from one shelter to another.

Brinlee, Brielle, Peyton, Dylan and Lilli waiting impatiently for the next Horse ride.

 Erica Cleans and trims the Hoof of Scooter.

Kayla replacing boards on the barn.  There is always work to do on the farm.  Some times you have to multitask. 

Sasha moving the net fencing for the Turkeys!

Peyton, Lilli, Kayla, and Ava gathering eggs, Rocket the dog hoping to chase something.

Dale & Sasha cleaning and filling waterers for the broilers.  These large birds will be processed soon.  

Linda shows off a 1-2 day old piglet to friends.

 Horse rides for the youngest cowgirl on the farm. Ava, with Mom Jamie walking beside.
They check on the turkeys while they are at it.

Avalyn Takes a much deserved drink after collecting eggs.

  Lilli, Brinlee, Brielle, Peyton, Dylan, Emma, and Ava, waiting for their next job assignment, find some fun sliding down the rock pile.