Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our Visit to Red Acre Farm - Cedar City

Early spring we had the opportunity to visit our friends Symbria and Sarah Patterson at their Red Acre Farm in Cedar City! Those two women are amazing!  Running a small farm full time.  Coordinating the southern Utah farmers markets (Zion Canyon Market, St. George Ancestor Square Market, Cedar City Downtown Market and Year Round Market) and fighting for greater consumer choice and access to local, healthy sustainable food for all.  While we were there Symbria also took Danny to meet and see a number of small farms in the area that go to these markets, all trying to make a go of local direct sales of healthy food.  Vote with your dollars and support local food production everywhere!  We have a long way to go in Utah with lots of opposition from the large commodity producers and their allies (Utah Department of Agriculture, Utah Farm Bureau, Utah Dairy Association, Utah Grocery Store Manufacturers Association, etc ), that are making us all sick and ruining the land.  Start opting out of that system!  It will change our world and your life for the better!   

Here are some pictures of our time at their farm.  
The favorite by far was the baby goats.  Saffron and Samira couldn't get enough of them!  Holding them.  Cuddling them.  Cooing them.  Feeding them.  The girls didn't want to leave.  They asked if we could bring one home!  That might be better when we live in a different place. 

Saffron and Samira loved the resident farm pig Virginia.  (This one is only for show.  Lucky gal!)

Red Acre Farms has a Cowshare and Goatshare program they operate as part of their farm.  Samira liked the milk cows! 

Saffron helped Sarah collect eggs from the hens.  She is such a great little farm girl!  

Red Acre Farms has a CSA.  This is one of their high tunnels for growing vegetables.  It was nice and warm in there on a cool early spring day!  

Shawnee, Samira, Sarah and Saffron

If you are down in the Cedar City or St. George area stop by and visit Symbria and Sarah and their farm!  They have a cool little farm store.  Buy some of their products for your weekend stay.  That's exactly what we did!