Monday, August 31, 2015

Aaaaaaah! Those long summer days in the sun!

A few photos of the animals on the farm this summer!!  As a reminder we don't give any of our animals antibiotics or hormones!  We don't need to with the rotational grazing methods and animal husbandry we practice.  All of our animals are raised on pasture for as much of their lives as possible.  In the winter they are all fed stored pasture primarily in the form of hay.  Cows and Sheep are herbivores and ruminant animals (more than one stomach) and are completely grass-fed and grass finished.  No grains.  Pigs and Chickens in addition to eating as much pasture and bugs as they can get outside are provided a grain ration as they are mono-gastric (one stomach) omnivores.   Enjoy!!

              Isn't it so cool to see pigs out in the pasture instead of inside some building or in some muck!  

McDowell Family Farms Grass Fed Beef!

Grass Fed Succulent Lamb!                                

And finally the laying hens wandering through the forest of pasture eating bugs and grass!
Yummy Farm Fresh Eggs!